Stone Knife with Nine Holes

Jinniushan Man Skull (replica)

Black Pottery Double-ear Cup, Single-ear Cup and Box

Bone Needle (replica)

Bone Shuttle

Bone Spade

Pseudaxis Grayi Antler and Lower Jawbone

Heavy Stone Triangular Point

Horse-head-shaped Bronze Chariot Ornament Inlaid with Gold and Silver

Perforated Animal Teeth (replicas)

Painted Pottery Jar with Handles

Peking Man Skull (replica)

White Pottery Gui (vessel)

“Yi Hou Ze” Bronze Gui (food container)

“Yan Hou” Bronze Yu (food container)

“King Fuchai of Wu” Bronze Sword

Oracle Bone with Inscription of King’s Order on Collective Farming

“Qin” Bronze Gui (food container)

“Li” Bronze Gui (food container)

“Hou Mu Xin” Bronze Gong (wine vessel)

“Hou Mu Wu” Bronze Ding (food container)

“Fu Hao” Owl-shaped Bronze Zun (wine vessel )

“Fu Hao” Triple Bronze Yan (steamer)

“Fu Hao” Bronze Paired Fangyi (wine vessel)

Cinder Fragments and Charred Animal Bones

Lower Jawbone of Megaloceros Pachyosteus

Bone Flute

Painted Pottery Basin with Fish and Human Face Design

Eagle-shaped Pottery Ding

Painted Pottery Jar with Stork, Fish and Stone Axe Design

Jade phoenix

Painted Bronze Lamp in the shape of Goose Carrying Fish

Bronze Rhino-shaped Zun (wine vessel) Inlaid with Gold and Silver Cloud Designs

Pottery Storyteller Beating a Drum

Tomb figurine of a flautist

Tomb figurine of a clapperboard player

Gold ewer with dragon and phoenix design

Gilt silver hairpins with inlaid gems and a jade dragon

Gilt silver hairpins with inlaid gems and a running dragon

Gilt silver hairpin with inlaid gems and a figure of an immortal

Gilt silver hairpins with inlaid stones and a phoenix and peach