Hoof-shaped Jade

“Zhao” Bronze You (wine vessel)

“King Fuchai of Wu” Bronze Jian

“Song” Bronze Hu (wine vessel)

“Guo Ji Zi Bai” Bronze Pan (water container)

Bronze Ge (dagger-axe) of “Song Gong Luan”

Tiger-shaped Tally Issued to Prefect of Zhangye

Jade Dragon

Brick with 12 Characters Written in Small Seal Script

Double-handles Painted Pottery Jar with Spiral Design

Bronze Hu

Waist Knife with Jasper Inlaid Handle and Leather Sheath

Indigo Glazed Porcelain Zun (vessel) with Swallows and Gold-painted Design

Copper Tally of Nanjing Imperial City Guard

Bronze Figure Model for Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Bronze Ge (dagger-axe) with Brocade Design

Gold Medal

Iron Sliding Weight Cast in the 10th year of the Jiaqing Reign

Glazed Pottery Jar with Animal Designs in Relief

Gold and Silver-inlaid Sword With Bird Seal Script

Gold-inlaid Iron Mirror with Five Animals Design

Bronze Mirror with Figures Playing Cu-ju

Bronze Mirror with Design of Traditional Lotus-like Flowers

Eight-catty Bronze Quan

Copper Censer and Base with Arabic Inscriptions

"Wu Wang Fuchai" Bronze Jian

Bronze Tiger Knob

Bronze Mirror with Four Phoenixes Design

"Ge Bo" Bronze Gui

Houmuwu square cauldron (ding)

“Yu” Bronze Ding

Bronze ruler

Bronze Mirror with Six-hill Patterns

Zi Hezi’s Bronze Fu (measuring cauldron)

Lei (wine vessel) Decorated with Taotie Pattern, Inlaid with Turquoise Gourmet

Bronze Mirror with Animal Designs, Treasure of Linshan

Iron Slotting Tool with Gold Design

Steel Sword

Bronze Hu Inlaid with Copper Bird-and-beast Designs

Zhao You

Woman Binding Up Her Hair (brick engraving)

Waist Warrant in Western Xia Language

Eaves Tile Carved “Chuan Zuo Wu Qiong”

Copper Body Enameled Bowl with Bat-and-lotus Design

Silver Bowl with Design in Relief, Depicting the Tale of a Golden Deer

Bronze Mirror with Design of a Scene in the Moon Palace

Silver Bowl with Gilded Flower-and-bird Design

Bronze Liang

Bronze Warrior Plate in Leopard House

Copper Cense Burner with Cloud Design of the Xuande Period

Xuande copper Ghanta and Vajra

Gold horse hoof

Jade teapot

Silver helmet with dragon design and inlaid coral and pearls