Jian, is a vessel that can be used for holding water or frozen food. The large-sized Jian is also used for ritual vessels or display vessels. It has an open mouth, square lips, folded edge, contracted neck, deep and bulge belly, and a flat bottom. On both sides of the neck, there are double-ringed handles with the heads of animals designs. The edge of the mouth between the two handles is decorated with an embossed tiger. The tiger is clawing on the edge with curved body in the shape of popping its head out. The body is decorated with three dense Panhui (a kind of cobra) designs, the bottom is decorated with triangle designs, and the interior is decorated with Panhui designs as well. There is a inscription of 13 character in two lines on the inside wall of the Jian, indicating that it was made by Wu Wang Fuchai (ruler of Wu State).

In the late Spring and Autumn Period, Wu State became powerful and prosperous. In 506 BC, He Lu, the prince of Wu State, once defeated the Chu State. His son Fuchai once conquered the Yue State, forcing Gou Jian, Prince of Yue, to surrender and sue for peace. Marching northwards, Fuchai fought for hegemony with the Jin State. However, in 473 BC the Wu State was surprisingly defeated by the Yue State, and Fuchai committed suicide afterwards.