The NMC Institute of Calligraphy and Chinese Painting is closely centered on carrying out and passing on socialist culture with Chinese characteristics, nurturing and practicing socialist core values, and focusing on major events, figures, and junctures of the Party and state. It is targeted at building a world-class high-level institute of calligraphy and Chinese painting, in addition to taking the initiative in creating quality works that align with the theme of the times and exhibit in-depth artistic thoughts and standards. It also takes the initiative to conduct themed research and create calligraphy/paintings concerning major historical and contemporary topics. It serves the cultural undertakings of the Party and state, serves the key work of the NMC, and serves key tasks such as exhibitions.

The NMC Institute of Calligraphy and Chinese Painting, based on its rich collections and exhibition resources, takes the initiative to research the NMC collections, actively hold art theory seminars based on collection research, actively create quality art works that serve the core of the exhibitions, and actively explore a path toward conducting research and creating art with the institute’s own unique characteristics.