The museum’s fundamental problem is to develop its cause through enhancing research on museum theories and work methods, continuously exploring the inherent pattern of the museum industry, and training talented personnel for the museum. Based on such considerations, the museum organized Wang Hongjun, Wang Gang, Li Zhitan, and Fu Zhenlun to write museology textbooks such as “Outline to China’s Museology” (edited by the NACH in 1985) and “Introduction to China’s Museology” (edited by Wang Hongjun in 1986). Their publication has updated and deepened China’s museology theoretical research, and has brought huge benefits to the overall enhancement of the quality and professional standards of museum staff members in China.

Su Donghai, an NMC expert, is well noted for his monographic study on museology. Dedicated to museum philosophy and museum development research, he edited “Chinese Museum” for 19 years, and served during the same time frame as editor-in-chief of the “Newsletter of Chinese Museums.” A selection of his essays has been published in Norway. Su upheld the theory of harmony in diversity during exchanges between China and foreign entities. Starting from 1986, Su introduced and implemented in China thoughts concerning ecomuseums. In 2005, he organized the Guizhou Ecomuseum International Forum, and has been credited as the father of China’s ecomuseums.

During recent years, with the flourishing development of China’s museum cause, research of China’s museology has enjoyed newfound popularity. Responding to the changing times, the NMC’s research on museology now features new content and topics. “Forty Decades of General History of China” by Chen Ruide, “National Epic Surging Forward with Great Momentum—Summary of the NMC’s Road to Rejuvenation” by Cao Xinxin, “Oral History of Museums—New Trend of Museology Development” by Hou Chunyan, “Inventory Checks and Counts of Collection Warehouses” by Liu Yuelan, “History Museum Exhibitions during the Republic of China Period” by Li Shouyi, “Historic Memories and Museum Cultural Relic Collections and Exhibitions” by Zhang Weiming, and “Exchanges Across Identities—Research on the Exhibition of Cultural Relics Excavated from National Infrastructure” by Li Wanwan are among the most representative works.

In 2019, the museum management research institute will host a seminar on museum management, examining theories that should be adhered to in the field of museology and museum affairs during the new era. It also aims to thoroughly reflect on how museums should handle challenges in a new era, specially from the perspectives of management, based on clarifying museology theories.