Valid ID documents are required to enter the museum during the opening hours.

Visitors must go through security check. Prohibited items and pets must not be brought into the museum.

People who are under the influence of alcohol or are improperly dressed are not allowed to enter.

Children, seniors and those with mobility difficulty must be accompanied by adults.

Keep your voice down and silence your mobile phone during the visit.

Do not use any power source in the museum.

Do not climb over railings or touch exhibits. Please help to protect facilities in the museum. Compensation must be paid for any damage caused, and those responsible will be subject to legal action.

Please dine in the designated area.

Do not smoke or litter in the museum.

Do not disturb other visitors.

No not use flash, selfie stick or tripod in visiting an exhibition where photography is allowed.

Applications must be filed for organizing activities in the museum such as lectures, surveys and video recording, and the activities can be organized only upon approval.

No electric wheelchairs or mobility scooters are allowed in the museum.

Please help to maintain order in the museum.

Please note there may be special arrangements in case of major or temporary activities of the museum.

Please follow staff instructions in case of emergency.

Thank you for your understanding and support.