The Brilliant Paintings in Royal Garden: Court Paintings of Qing Dynasty from the National Museum of China

Exhibition of Chinese Ancient Bronzeware

Set Your Heart on Truth and Seek Enjoyment in Arts: Ideals, Life and Aesthetics of Ancient Chinese Scholar-Officials

Cultural Exhibition of The Story of the Stone

Rooted in China: An Education Exhibition at the Patriotic Education Base in Macao

Hong Kong Shines in the Call of the Times: A Thematic Exhibition of Chinese Scientists over a Century

Story of a Small Town: A Cultural Exhibition of Qin Bamboo Slips from Liye, Longshan, Hunan Province

Regality and Magnificence: Qing Dynasty Court Paintings from the National Museum of China Collection

The Road to Modernization:70 Years of The People's Republic of China

Soul of Life: Exhibition of Selected Sculptures from Africa

Sentiments of Intellectuals: Pursuit and Spiritual World of Ancient Chinese Scholar-officials

The Historical Expression of Chinese Art: exhibition Calligraphy and Painting from the National Museum of China