The Story of the Stone is a monument to the history of Chinese classical fiction and even the development of Chinese culture. Over the past two centuries, The Story of the Stone – with its rich ideological implications, artistic charm and broad scope of knowledge – has enchanted generations of prestigious writers, scholars and fans, becoming a source of creative inspiration for artists over the years.

The “Cultural Exhibition of The Story of the Stone” is hosted by the National Museum of China, the Guangdong Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration, and the Guangdong Museum with the full support of the Cao Xueqin Society in Beijing. It is divided into five sections. Through the display of 413 rare ancient books, artifacts, calligraphy and paintings, scholar’s manuscripts, artworks, works of intangible cultural heritage and several types of auxiliary exhibits, it aims to analyze the cultural phenomenon that has occurred due to the popularity of The Story of the Stone by examining the background that led to its creation, its content, and influence on later generations, in order to inspire a deep appreciation of its historical, artistic, and literary value.