The visitors can rent the audio guide device as needed and during the visit listen to the audio guide produced by the NMC.

How to Obtain the Audio Guide Service

The audio guide device (guide player) can be rented at the Service Desk in the West Hall.

The Audio Guide Device Rental Form shall be filled in.

The rental can be done with the visitor’s own valid ID card and a deposit of RMB100.

Each audio guide device can be rented for RMB40.

Should the audio guide device be damaged, compensation shall be made by the degree of damage. In case of a loss, the device shall be compensated for at the original price.

Note: Currently the 20-hour audio guide is available in Chinese. The development of the English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic versions of the guide is underway. The available versions of the guide are as follows:



















Ancient China





The Road of Rejuvenation