Porcelain is one of the main collections at the NMC, large both in variety and quantity, and has for long remained an important traditional subject of research at the NMC. Porcelain research at the NMC has been carried out by a succession of researchers. Late research curator Fu Zhenlun, since he began working for the NMC in 1949, had been devoted to porcelain research, making great contributions to this field of research at the museum. After graduating from college in 1959, late research curator Liu Jialin was assigned to the NMC where she worked successively at the cultural heritage section and the registry office, engaging in the management, cataloging, filing, identification and research of porcelain and other cultural heritage items. Yu Wenrong, former research curator at the First Safekeeping Department of the NMC, also contributed much to porcelain research at the museum. Currently, Geng Dongsheng, Yang Guimei, among others at the NMC, are engaged in the work of porcelain research.

The NMC pays attention not only to porcelain research, but also to the dissemination of knowledge to the general public - as demonstrated by the porcelain exhibitions it has held in succession over the years.