Calligraphy and painting represent one of the dominant categories of collections at the NMC, and so there have been constant research efforts in this field in various phases of the NMC based on its own collections as well as those in other museums. Shi Shuqing, the trailblazer in calligraphy and painting identification and research at the NMC, achieved great attainments and influenced scholars of later generations in this field. Research activities at NMC on calligraphy and painting may roughly be divided into the following categories: 1) Compilation of illustrated catalogs based completely on works of calligraphy and painting that the NMC preserves; 2) case study on artists or their works based on collections available; 3) research on revolution-themed fine art items since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, findings of which have for long remained dominant in the field; 4) publication of treatises by NMC experts and scholars to display their research findings in the field; 5) participation in editing and composing entries of Chinese calligraphy and painting for the compilation of the book series Selected Records of Overseas Chinese Antiquities, for which the Volumes of the British Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the National Museum of Korea, have so far been compiled or published; and 6) publication of academic and bibliographical catalogs of calligraphy and painting exhibitions held at the NMC, with a view to prompting the academic and art communities to pay attention to and research the calligraphy and painting collections of the NMC.