·Special Topic: Studies of Museums Development Paths From the Perspective of Multiculturalism

The Role of National Museums in the Construction of Cultural Influence of France
Zhu Xiaoyun ------ 05

The Present and Future of Private Museums in Russia
Li Jinxia & Zhao Yanjun ------ 14

Spiritual Revival: The Museum World of Kazakhstan
Wurigemule ------ 23

·Exhibition Management

The Application of Discourse Analysis Theory in the Language of Exhibitions in the Context of Regional Culture: A Case Study of “Peach Blossom on Xin’an River: The Cultural Relics Exhibition of Huizhou Women in Ming and Qing Dynasties”

Liu Liu------ 34

Diversity and Inclusion: The “Boundless” Road of Museum Exhibition
Guo Xifeng ------ 41

The Basic Logic and Construction Mode of Historical Museum Exhibitions
Wu Meng & Bai Ou------ 47


·Communication Management

Update, Systematic, Dynamic: the Museum Construction of Visual Identification System

Sun Fengqun ------ 55

Museum Education and Communication Effectiveness on Social Media Platforms: A Study on Shanghai Museum WeChat’s Official Account
Gu Jing & He Qijun ------ 65


· Security Management

Research on the Development of Security Techniques in Chinese Museum

Li Xiaoyu ------ 78

Significance and Implementation of Emergency Fire Control in Museum Disposal Mechanism

Zhang Yu ------- 87


· Museum Information

Contents of Museum Studies No.1-No.3, 2021

------ 95

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