·Special Topic: Management and Development of Regional Museums

RRevisit, Reconstruction and Reinterpretation: How Permanent Exhibitions in Regional Museum Tell Local History
Cai Qin ------ 05

Inspired of Cultural “Other” and “Creating-type” Museum of Ethnic Exhibition from Taiwan’s Prehistoric Culture Museum
Ma Saiping & Wen Biling ------ 13

Expression of Regional Culture in Museum Exhibitions: A Case Study of Huizhou Culture
Zhou Molan ------ 20

·Frontiers of Museology

Research on Integrated Mode of Museum and Tourism: Approach of Scientific Knowledge Graph

Yang Fei & Huang Chenxi & Chu Deping ------ 30

Museum Tour of Cross-cultural Studies from Cultural Identity Perspective
Zhang Xiaopeng ------ 42


·Exhibition Management

Communication and Significance: A Preliminary Study of Exhibition Analysis

Yin Kai ------ 49

Introduction of “Per Capita Cost” in the Assessment of Museum Exhibition
Mei Haitao ------ 59

Display Strategy of Original Museum Exhibition in the Contemporary Design and Curation
Zhou Yixuan ------ 66


· Equipment Management

Countermeasure Research on Electromechanical Equipment Management of Museum

Yang Xiaohong & Liu Chao & Zhang Ye & Li Yan ------ 78

Museum Electrical Safety and Risk Prevention
Wu Linfang ------- 87

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