·Special Feature

Some Thoughts on the Smart Museum Construction
Wang Chunfa ------ 04

·Special Topic: Studies of International Museum Management

The Non-Profit Operation Model of American Museums: A Case Study of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Huang Xiaojiao ------ 17
Arm’s Length: British Government’s Management of Museums
Mu Ruifeng ------ 28
An Analysis of the Construction of Korean Museum System
Liu Shuzheng ------ 36


·Exhibition Management

Copyright Analysis of Museum Virtual Reality Scenes

Li Ning & Nie Hongtao ------ 46
Management and Application of Museums’ Original Videos
Chen Yang & Ding Yunyun ------ 53


·Communication Management

Interacting with the Visitors: Rethinking the Public Education Model of Museums

Guo Haiyan ------ 61
Reflection on the Interactive Relationship Between Mass Communication and Museums: On the Public Education in Chinese Museums
Yu Qihe ------- 68

·Information Technology Applicapion

Research on 3D Data Collection Method of Museum Cultural Relics
Li Yang ------ 80
Research of the Application of New Media Technology in Museum Public Service: In the Example of WeChat Applet
Huang Weiyin ------ 90

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