·Special Topic: Strategies of Museum Professional Management

Museum Evaluation and Management
Cao Bingwu------ 05
Layered Service and Refined Management of Museums
Ma Xiaolin------ 12
Informatization of Collection Management and Its Prospect: In the Example of the Geological Museum of China
Yao Yichuan & Yang Liangfeng------ 18
How to Bring Cultural Relics to Life: Questions and Solutions
Lu Jiansong------ 25

·Museum Trend

Construction of Industry Museums and Development of Industrial Tourism: Bottlenecks and Solutions
Zhang Yuchen------ 33
How Museums Serve as Cultural Hubs: In the View of Cultural Tourism
Zhao Tiantian------ 46


·Exhibition Management

Modular Design of MuseumTemporary Exhibition: In the Example of the NMC Practice

Li Jingbo------ 56
Professionalization of Museum Personnel on Exhibition Design
Zhang Yu------ 66


·Visitors Management

From Education to Leisure: On the Conversion of Museum Visitor Studies

Zhao Xingyu------ 75
Research on Tourist Perceptual Image of the Changsha Museum: Based on the Analysis of Online Reviews
Zhou Huimin & Han Xintong & Ruan Shiqi------- 82

·Collections Management

Characteristics and Source of the NMC Modern Collections
He Zhiwen------ 88

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