·Special Feature

Building the New Think Tank and Promoting the High-quality Development of the Museum in a New Era
Wang Chunfa ------ 08
On the Construction of “Smart Science and Technology Museum” to Promote Sustainable Development of Modern Science and Technology Museum System with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era
Yin Hao ------ 16
Strengthening the Knowledge Management System of Museum through Knowledge Production and Sharing
Song Xiangguang ------ 21
Quality Assurance System for Contemporary Museum Exhibition: Focusing on In-process Assessment
Yan Jianqiang ------ 27

·Museum Trend

The Integration of Museum and Tourism: Mechanism, Motivation and Method
Liu Yang ------ 35
The Customized Concept, Mode and Approach of Museum Research Trip
He Cunding ------ 43


·Exhibition Management

Application of Immersive Experience in Museum Exhibition

Wang Kai ------ 50
A Case Study on the Exhibition “Splendors of Great Han: Exhibition Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Excavation of Han Dynasty Tombs in Mancheng”
Wang Hui ------ 60


·Visitors Management

The Production of Artifact and the Construction of Memory: Study of Visitors in the Perspective of Museum Anthropology

Pan Bao ------ 69
Analysis of Online Feedback on Museums in Shandong Province from visitors: Case Studies of Ctrip and
Chen Shuqing ------- 78

·Symposium Review

Summary of the “China Museum Forum of 50”
Weng Huainan & Luo Zhenzhen ------ 90

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