·Special Topic:Centennial History Magnificent Achievement

A Study of Zhang Tailei’s Historical Facts in Irkutsk in 1921
Cai Mingfei & Ji Yaguang ------ 007

Research on Mao Zedong’s Rural Survey Collected in National Museum of China
He Wanyu ------ 019

A Study on the Female-themed Photographs of Taiyue District during the Liberation War Collected in National Museum of China
Sun Ying ------ 033

The Training of Rural Party Cadres in the Early Stage of New China (1949-1956)
Zhang Lianyong ------ 045


·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report of Two Tang Tombs in the Northeast of Xingyang
Zhengzhou Municipal Institue of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Xingyang Cultural Relics Conservation and Management Center------ 057

The Clearing Briefing of Jin Tombs at Xiajia Villiage in Zhifu Area, Yantai, Shandong Province
Wang Shuquan, Zhao Juan, Zhang Shuai, Hou Jianye and Yan Yong ------ 065

The Notes on the Jin Tomb at Zhengzhong Village in Qinyuan
Hao Junjun ------ 082


·Epigraph Studies

Researching on the Newly Discovered Zhangsun Yi’s Epitaph of the Sui Dynasty: Proving the Function of Supplementing to History of the Tang Novels by the Deeds of the Inscription Writer Shen Jing
Duan Ruichao ------ 099

Interpretation of the Newly Discovered Remnant Stone Tablet in Ningyang of Ma Zhizhen’s Records on Renovating the Sluice of Gangcheng Dam
Gao Yuanjie ------ 115


· Painting and Calligraphy Studies

The Printing of Jiguge Edition of Shuowen and the Style of Its Seal Script
Yang Fan ------ 129

A Study of the Oil Painting May Fourthth Movement Collected in National Museum of China
Li Guanyan ------ 140


· Scientific Conservation Studies

Analysis of Diseases on the Painted Statues in Zishou Temple, Lingshi, Shanxi Province
Li Na, Yang Shanlong and Shui Biwen ------ 151

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