·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report of Tomb M6 at Nanqin Cemetery


Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology & Linfen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism & Centre for Cultural Heritage and Tourism of Hongtong County------ 05

Excavation Report of Eastern Zhou Tombs at Weigou Cemetery


Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology ------ 61


·Bronze Studies

“Jing Ji” Bronze Pan in the Shanghai Museum

Hu Jialin------ 98

Analysis of Eastern Zhou Bronzes Unearthed at Dubei Cemetery


Hao Daohua & Zhang Ji &Du Xiaojun &Huang Baoling & Chen Jianli------ 111


·Modern Personages Studies

Power Expansion of the Anhui Clique after the May

Shang Shengyang ------ 123

Chiang Kai-shek’s Northern Inspection Tour in 1934 and the Promotion of New Life Movement


Shen Maopeng ------ 132


· NMC Collection Studies

Objects in the National Museum of China Collection from the Tang Dynasty Tomb of Han Gan’er

Zhao Yuliang ------ 145

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