·Archaeological Studies

Research on Longshan Culture in Hebei
Ma Ming & Liang Zhonghe ------ 06

A Preliminary Study on the Ritual System of the Tomb M1 of the Spring and Autumn Period at Jiwanggu of Yishui


Zhang Wenjie & Mei Yijie ------ 19

Re-discussion on the Age of the Southern Dynasty Tomb of Hutouling, Ruyuan: also on the Dating of Tombs of the Six Dynasties in Lingnan
Tang Bohao ------ 34

A Study on Pottery Figurines of the Sixteen Kingdoms Unearthed in Guanzhong: Focusing on the Formation of Pottery Figurine Clusters
Lin Zeyang ------ 42


·Chariot and Costume Studies

On the Evolution of Coronet Ornament in the Shape of Cicada in Ancient China

Liu Chuanbo------ 57

Research on Characters’ Costumes of the Painting Plowing and Weaving by Cheng Qi
Tan Rong ------ 69

A Study on the Female Costume and Adornment Unearthed from Slurry-layered Tombs of the Ming Dynasty in Jiangsu
Guo Zhengjun ------ 80


·Modern Personages Studies

Cai Hesen and Three of the Struggles in the Chinese Work-Study Movement in France

Zhang Jie ------ 91

Reshaping Everyday Life: a Perspective of Bathing Custom in Beijing in the First Half of the 20th Century


Song Zixin ------ 108


· NMC Collection Studies

Calligraphic Research on the Object No.Y0800 in the Collection of National Museum of China- Document of the Tang Dynasty in Dunhuang

Lai Yiru ------ 122

Research on Letters Related to Xue Fuchen Stowed at the National Museum of China
Zhang Ru ------- 132

Research on Drafts and Creation Process of Fighting in Northern Shaanxi
Ma Min ------- 144

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