·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report of Tombs M1 and M10 at Xiguan Cemetery
Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology &Licheng County Museum------ 06
An Archaeological Investigation of Ancient Kiln Remains along the Chang River in Jingdezhen
Huo Chengwei & Zhou Sizhong ------ 53

·Epigraph Studies

A Textual Research on Rubbings of Zuo Guangdou’s Letters in the Zhejiang Provincial Museum
Ni Yi ------ 78
Qingdao Museum Rubbing of the West Pagoda Cornerstone at Zhiyuan Temple
Hu Kejia ------ 88

·Painting and Calligraphy Studies

The Late Ming Painter Song Xu
Zhou Rong ------ 95
The Travels of Xu Sangeng in Guangdong and Art Communication
Kuang Yiming ------ 115

·Modern Cultural Relics Studies

Four Letters from Sun Yirang to Tan Xian


Yang Bin ------ 130
The Settling of Guangdong Private Armies Matters in the Early Republic of China Period: Beginning with a Letter by Chen Jiongming
Huang Qinglin & Zhang Zhongpeng ------- 142
Confucius Mansion Archives on Disputes over Confucian Temple Property and an Historical Interpretation of the Importance of Protecting Confucian Temples and Confucius Ceremonies
Wang Kai & Cheng Jichun ------- 149

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