·Archaeological Studies

On the Periodization and Date of Panlong City
Wu Tong------ 006
The Confrontation Between Eastern and Western Regions in the Late Shang Dynasty
Tian Wei------ 018
A Study of Dongyang Cemetery Structure of the Western Zhou Dynasty
Wang Yang------ 033
Eastern Zhou Tombs at Puchengdian Site, Pingdingshan and Related Issues
Wei Xingtao & Shan Siwei------ 044

·Buddhist Sculpture Studies

Identification of Statues of Du Luqing and Others
Sun Ying & Deng Zhangying------ 072
A Study of Records of Buddha Statues at Niches of XiLin Mountain in the Tang Dynasty at Pingshan Museum
Feng Jinzhong &Zhang Weina------ 081

·Epigraph Studies

A Study of Three Epitaphs of the Doulu Family Excavated in Luoyang
Lu Qingfeng------ 096
A Study of the Double-Slab Stele of the Tang Dynasty in Xiangtang Mountain
Yu Yalong & Wu Shaowei------- 106
A Textual Research on Taizhou in the Sui Dynasty: On the Epitaph of Wei Xie
Bai Jinbo & Yu Guojiang------- 118

·Modern Cultural Relics Studies

A Study of Manuscripts of Guisui County Records Preface in the NMC Collection
Zhang Zhihua------ 124
Research on the Number of British Consulate Buildings in Zhenjiang and the Historical Facts of Their Reconstruction
Lu Weizhong & Lian Xiaogang------ 137

·Scientific Conservation Studies

Scientific Analysis on Black-Glazed Porcelain of Chayang Kiln
Yu Ge, Jin Zhengyao, Fan Anchuan,He Zhongche and Hua Fenglin------ 150


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