·Archaeological Studies

Investigation and Preliminary Study of the Ili Nine Cities in Xinjiang
Hao Yuanlin, Wei Jian and Ren Guan ------ 006
Methods and Countermeasures of the Archaeological Work in the Great Wall Protection and Maintenance Projects
Zhang Baoqing, Zhang Jianwei and Shang Jinyu ------ 021

·Buddhist Sculpture Studies

Study on Shenbao Temple in Changqing of Shandong Province
Liu Lili & Hao Sumei ------ 033
Research on Buddhism Inscriptions in Leigutai of Longmen Grottoes during Wuzhou period
Liu Canhui & Huang Yan ------ 046


·Epigraph Studies

Research on the Epitaph of the Censorial Official Wang Jin of the Yuan Dynasty

Chang Ying ------ 059
The Textual Research on Jiao Shouji’s Epitaph
Jiang Yong ------ 070


·Painting and Calligraphy Studies

Research of Image and the Ming and Qing Paintings about Levee: Zhu Bang’s The Royal Palace

Yu Hui ------ 081
Creation and Spreading of The Portraits and Biographies of Scholars of the Qing Dynasty
Wu Xueting ------- 106

·Modern Personages Studies

The Forming and Interpreting of the Associative Political Memory of Cixi’s Birthday Celebration and the Defeat in Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895: The Expenditure of Empress Dowager’s 60th Birthday Celebration
Zhai Jinyi ------ 120
Li Liejun and Pingxiang Coal Mine
Zuo Shiyuan ------ 133

·Scientifific Conservation Studies

Research on the Casting Process and Conservation of the Pot of “Marquis of the Chen State” Collected in National Museum of China
Li Mo, Zhang Pengyu and Liu Min ------ 146

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