·Special Topic: The Research Forum of Ancient Chinese Bronzes

Chime of Bells of Duke Qiu at Zaoshulin Cemetery and Tomb of Marquis of the Zeng State at Yejiashan
Zhu Fenghan------ 007

Reconsideration of the Classification of Shang and Zhou Bronze Ritual Vessels
Li Ling------ 021

A Study of Two Shang Bronzes in Southern Style Unearthed in Western Shanxi
Su Rongyu------ 037

The Characteristics of the Bronzes as Ritual Vessels in the Erligang Culture Period: A Case Study of Panlongcheng
Zhang Changping& Chen Lixin ------ 050


·Archaeological Studies

The Investigation on the Ming Great Wall in Shan Dan, Gansu
Liu Yehai------ 061

A Study on the Iron Blunderbuss Newly Discovered at the Ming Great Wall Site in Chongli District of Zhangjiakou
Zhang Yimeng------ 073


·Modern Personages Studies
Lu Chuanlin in the Gengzi Incident: The Personnel Entanglement between some High-ranking Officials
Ji Chen------ 084

Dugald Christie and the Establishment of Mukden Hospital and Mukden Medical College
Wu Zhihua------ 095

Wu Fading: The First Artist Studied in France in Modern China and the Related Historic Facts
Qin Ruili------ 108


·Collection Studies

Research on the Tang Epitaph of Dugu Sijing and His Wife in National Museum of China

Cheng Yuanyuan------ 121

A Study of The Gathering of Five Officials with Five Similiarities in National Museum of China and the Comparison of Existing Editions
Xu Xiaolei------ 133

The Image of Mazu in The Stories of the Queen of Heaven
Lyu Weitao------ 147


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