·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report of Hegong Neolithic Site of Xinzhou City of Shanxi Province
Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology& Culture Relics and Archaeology Research Institute of Xinzhou& College of Applied Science and Technology of Beijing Union University------ 006
Excavation Report of the Eastern Area of Zhoujiazhuang Site in Jiang County of Shanxi Province in the Autumn of 2017
National Museum of China& Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology& Yuncheng Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics Conservation------ 018
Investigation of the Heritage Dated from the Shang Dynasty to the Western Zhou Dynasty at Fangdui-Yongningbu Site in Hongtong County of Shanxi Province
Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology& Hongtong Service Center for Cultural relics and Tourism Administration& Hongtong County Museum------ 030

Five Bronze Ware Tombs in Wayaopo Cemetery in Xi County of Shanxi Province
College of History and Culture, Shanxi University& Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology& Linfen Municipal Museum& Cultural Relics and Tourism Bureau of Xi County ------ 042


·Bronze Studies

A Batch of Bronzes of Shang and Zhou Dynasties Newly Collected at Xi’an Museum
Cui Junping------ 089
Chronological Research and Scientific Analysis on Bronzes Unearthed from Ancient City Site of the Xue State in Tengzhou, Shandong
Zhang Ji & Sun Bo & Hao Daohua &Lyu Chengjia------ 098


·Epigraph Studies
Textual Research on the Epitaph of Wei Ting from “Xiao Yao Gong Fang” of the Tang Dynasty
Tai Zilin------ 116

Healers of the Expedition Mission to the Western Seas in the Early Ming Dynasty: Focusing on the Newly Excavated Epitaph of Zhang Shiqi
Yu Jinyong & Wang Zhigao------ 132


·Modern Cultural Relics Studies

A Study of Farm Loan in Shandong Anti-Japanese Base Areas during the Stalemate Period: Based on the Loan Receipt Issued by the Bank of Beihai

Yu Qin------ 142
Discussion on the Public Function of Modern Beijing Museums: Focusing on Press Publications and Literature
Zhao Guoxiang & Xu Yongzhi------ 152


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