·Archaeological Studies

Cong, Bi and Yue in Shixia Culture
Huang Yizhe------ 006
Burials in Pan-Mount-Song Areas during the Longshan Period
Li Wei------ 020
Celadon Courtyard Models from Region along the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River: Typology and Related Issues
Wei Weiyan------ 036

A Rediscussion on Laobiangang Mound in Central Jilin Province
Meng Qingxu & Wang Xiaoming------ 046


·Buddhist Sculpture Studies

Cliffside Buddhist Sculptures of the Northern Dynasties Discovered in Central Sichuan for the First Time
Lei Yuhua------ 055
Evolution of the Story of Shanzi
Liu Qian------ 067


·Painting and Calligraphy Studies
Iconic Metaphor in Wen Zhengming’s A Flowering Place with Spring Clouds and the Implicit Schema of Wumen School “Land of Peach Blossoms” Painting
Jiang Yongshuai------ 079

Meirentu of Jiao Bingzhen and Leng Mei School and François Boucher’s Female Images
Li Jun------ 092


·Collection Studies

Bai Juyi’s Seven-Character Quatrain Transcribed in Cursive Script by Zhao Gou

Lu Yu------ 114
Letter from Puru to Lady Qingyuan in the National Museum of China Collection
Lin Shuo------ 123

The Design and Issuance of Commemorative Stamps of the Sino-Swedish Northwest Expedition
Zheng Peng------ 133


·Scientific Conservation Studies

Research Progress Abroad in Recent Years in Early Arsenic-Copper Metallurgy

Cui Chunpeng & Li Yanxiang & Qian Wei------ 147

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