A subway train themed with some of the most famous cultural relics at the National Museum started to transport passengers on Line 1 in Beijing on Tuesday.

Painted red, the train features paintings and pictures of rare national treasures, such as Sanxingdui bronze wares, the Four-goat Square Zun (an ancient bronze vessel) and pained terracotta articles.

Covering six carriages, the wrapping is meant to act like a moving museum, said Liu Jun, deputy director of the National Museum's news department.



Passengers read information about the cultural relics displayed on the subway train. /VCG Photo

"We hope that the cultural relics could be closer to the life of people, instead of being confined to storehouses or exhibition halls. They are expected to arouse people's interests in Chinese culture and history, so as to spread the civilization," said Liu.

The wrapping also features QR codes, and by scanning them, passengers can view an interactive page to learn more about each of the exhibitions.



Image of cultural relics printed on the seat. /VCG Photo

According to Liu, there are also three cultural relics that "tell" their own stories using AR, when scanned.

The train will operate for the next three months. It is expected to transport at least five million passengers.