To demonstrate the long history and splendid culture of the Chinese nation and bring the NMC’s role as a cultural parlor for the country into full play, the NMC has been all along committed to communication and cooperation with the museums and major related organizations from across the world. Upholding the goal of building a domestically leading and internationally first-class museum in conducting foreign exchanges and cooperation, the NMC combines “bringing in” and “going global” and plays a big role in diverse international cooperation programs to promote cooperative research and personnel exchange among the museums from around the world and to boost communication and mutual learning among them.

The NMC opens its door to welcome people from around the world. In 2018 it received nearly 200 visits of foreign delegations including about 20 visits of international political leaders. Centering on foreign reception and exhibition commentary, the NMC digs into the exhibition resources, does a good job in telling stories about China, and delivers good results in demonstrating the Chinese road, Chinese wisdom and Chinese plan and in spreading the voice of China to the political leaders and diplomatic envoys from various countries to China.

Over the years the NMC has established sound cooperative ties with major museums of the world and maintained long-term close ties with them. So far, the NMC has signed memorandums of understanding or agreements on strategic cooperation with over 20 museums and related organizations around the world. In 2018 it signed memorandums of understanding/agreements on strategic cooperation with Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and Munch Museum of Norway.

In 2018 the experts & scholars and core professionals of the NMC visited ROK, Malaysia, Egypt, Pakistan, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Poland, Russia, Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand among other countries and regions to negotiate prospective cooperation programs and conduct in-depth academic exchanges.

The NMC, with the overarching goal of growing into a world-class museum, endeavors to play a more important bridging role in international exchanges among museums, so as to contribute more to the communication and mutual learning among the civilizations of the world.