To celebrate the first Spring Festival of the 2020s, the National Museum of China, the China Artists Association and the China Calligraphers Association jointly hold Symbols of Auspiciousness: 2020 Spring Festival Exhibition.

This exhibition highlights 37 sets of cultural relics collected by the National Museum of China, which are all decorated with symbols representing happiness and auspiciousness in traditional Chinese culture, including Zhesheng Cauldron and Green Jade Carved with Dragon Patterns of Zhou dynasty (1027-256 BCE) origins, the GiltBronze Mirror Featuring Mythical Beasts with Chinese Inscriptions “May the Central Kingdom (i.e., China) Enjoy Peace and Prosperity” of Han dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) origins, Bell-Shaped Blue-and-White Porcelain Cup with the Design of Three Rams Bringing Bliss of Ming dynasty (1368-1644) origins, the Painting of Blissful Early Spring by Emperor Qianlong of Qing dynasty (1754), Gourd-shaped Pastel Screen with the Chinese Characters for “Happiness” and “Longevity”, as well as treasures related to the theme of the Year of the Rat, such as Blue-and-White Porcelain Pot with Designs of Squirrels and Grapes, Copying Qian Xuan’s Paintings on Flowers, etc. Many of those cultural relics are on show for the first time. The exhibition also displays more than 120 contemporary paintings and calligraphic works on the theme of Spring Festival.