It is the first systematic display of the Buddhist statues unearthed in 2012 at Beiwuzhuang Village, Yecheng Site and restored Buddhist statues.

Most of the exhibits of this exhibition date back to the Northern Qi Dynasty, which is an important period when the Buddhist culture was integrated into the Chinese civilization. The Buddhist statues on display were mainly unearthed in 2012 at Beiwuzhang Village, Linzhang County, Hebei Province, representing one of the important discoveries of China’s Buddhist archaeology. Consisting of four parts, namely “A General View of Yecheng”,“Jade and Stone Buddhist Statues”, “The Pattern of Yecheng”, and “The Splendor of Buddhism”, displays the historical and artistic values of Buddhist statues in the perspectives of statue environments, statue characteristics, local and historical styles, and statue arts. It is the first systematic display of archaeological results from the Yecheng Site.