This exhibition is an important special exhibition held in the public space of the 3rd floor platform of the National Museum of China. It aims to show audiences the economic, cultural and social life, funeral customs and the ingenious stone carving art of the Song Dynasty through a rich collection of fine stone carvings.

On show are 30 stone reliefs excavated from Song Dynasty stone tombs unearthed in Sichuan Province, most of which are on display for the first time. The content is centered on the picture of a couple holding a banquet, supplemented by warriors, four sacred animals and a woman opening the door, depicting scenes from the daily life of the tomb occupant. The piece is expressed in the form of stone relief, and the fine carving brings the characters to life. Particularly impressive are the charming and graceful images of maidservants performing different kinds of household duties. Some help dress their master and clean the home, some serve meals and assist with daily chores, and some sing and dance, each with their own duties and clear division of labor. Their touching eye contact and seeming desire to speak and move allow us to not only see the flesh and blood, joy and sorrow of the figures of the Song society, but also feel the superb craftsmanship of the sculptors. These exquisite stone reliefs are precious historical materials for the study of similar tombs and the social history of the Song Dynasty, and are of high artistic value.