Collection of objects: The work includes gathering information leading to the collection of important exhibits home and abroad that reflect the progress of world civilization; setting up a database concerning collection of objects; conducting appraisal and evaluation of objects; organizing discussions on research of collections; and undertaking activities for the public interest, such as appreciation of objects.

Domestic cultural heritage:  Yang Honglin   Tel: 65119567

Overseas cultural heritage:  Ding Chunyi   Tel: 65119608


Storage and protection: The work is comprised of the storage and protection of collections, daily management of storerooms for collections, protection and research of collection, and improving the level of storage and protection for collections.

Storage of collections:  Zhang Weiming   Tel: 65119127


Scientific research: Work on scientific research includes the following: organizing and implementing academic research preparation, key scientific research projects and research topics; hosting activities on academic discussions; editing and publishing books; organizing and implementing scientific protection, restoration and research on collections of NMC; organizing and implementing major research projects on archaeological excavation; holding public archaeological activities in the society; conducting research on artistic theory and creation on major themes; arranging for exchange and exhibition activities of the results of creation; editing and publishing Journal of National Museum of China; undertaking academic research, dissemination and promotion; and the collection, purchase, arrangement, lending and digitalized application of publications of various types.

Institute of research:   Chen Yu   Tel: 65119491

Institute of archaeology:   Dai Xiangming   Tel: 65119446

Institute of cultural heritage protection:   Wang Lizhi   Tel: 87895557

Institute of painting and calligraphy:   Liu Gang   Tel: 65119714

Books and materials:  Weng Huainan   Tel: 65119603

Journal of NMC:  Feng Feng   Tel: 65119510


Display and exhibition: The work is comprised of organizing and implementing basic displays, themed exhibitions and temporary exhibitions at National Museum of China; launching themed exhibitions on historical relics, sciences and arts and role models; conducting exchange on academic researches about exhibition planning; and preparing publications on exhibitions, etc.

Basic display:  Wang Yueqian   Tel: 65119300

Planning of exhibition:  Hu Yan   Tel: 65119596

Display of role models:  Jiang Lin   Tel: 65119560


Education and training: The museum serves the general public with social education. Through cooperation with educational institutions, the museum enhances construction of the public culture system and planning and implementation of public education projects. The work includes training of in-house staff and provision of themed business training under the commission of other institutions.

Social education:  Hu Jian   Tel: 65119792

Personnel training:  Lei Lin   Tel: 65119707


International liaison: The work consists of communication and cooperation with overseas institutions on relics and museology and international organizations; implementation of the duties as member of several international organizations, such as refuge for international cultural heritage, scientific committee of the international fund for protecting endangered cultural heritage and alliance of museums in BRICS; planning and promoting exhibitions overseas and introducing foreign exhibitions, thus facilitating exchange and reference between Chinese and foreign civilizations.

International liaison:  Chen Shujie   Tel: 65119095


Information data: The work includes organizing and implementing the construction of “Intelligent NMC”; focusing on collecting, processing and maintaining data on cultural heritage in the collection of NMC; advancing the construction of information infrastructure; and maintaining basic IT environment and construction of projects on information application system.

Information data:  Li Huabiao   Tel: 65119702