On October 24, 2020, the National Museum of China held an academic seminar on the Research of Exported Chinaware in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This seminar aims to provide an academic platform for the scholars engaged in the research of ancient ceramics at home and abroad to demonstrate and exchange their new findings and new ideas of ancient exported chinaware to deepen and broaden the study of China’s ancient ceramics. Meanwhile, this seminar is also the second ancient ceramics seminar held by NMC Institute of Ceramics Research. The seminar not only invited the experts in the research of ancient ceramics from famous domestic research institutes/museum /higher learning institutions like the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Palace Museum, Guangdong Museum, Peking University and Fudan University. The ancient ceramic researchers from overseas higher learning institutions such as Durham University in the UK, the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts in Japan also participated in the discussions and exchanges by way of the online conference.

Ding Pengbo, deputy director of the National Museum of China, attended this seminar and delivered an opening speech. Chen Yu, director of Institute of Research, presided over the seminar, and GengDongsheng, director of NMC Institute of Ceramics Research, and numerous experts from the circle of ancient ceramics participated in the seminar. Deputy director Ding pointed out that this seminar is intended to tell the historical knowledge to the people based on a deeper study and the demonstration of cultural relics to inspire a national sense of pride and self-confidence. We will awaken the cultural relics in the collection of the museum, cultural heritage distributed on the vast land and the characters written in the ancient books.

After the experts finished their speeches and discussions, GengDongsheng, director of NMC Institute of Ceramics Research, made a summary speech of this seminar. At this seminar, the experts discussed the hot topics in the research of exported chinaware. They displayed the new findings and achievements in the study of ancient ceramics in recent years, thus strengthening the academic exchanges between the NMC scholars and ancient ceramics research experts at home and abroad and consolidating the research foundation for NMC in China’s ancient ceramics. This seminar has provided solid academic support for the relevant exhibitions held by NMC.