On April 11, the Global Museum Directors Forum opened at the National Museum of China. Mr. Liu Yuzhu, Administrator of Cultural Heritage Administration of China, Wang Chunfa, Director of National Museum of China and Ms. Marielza Oliveira, UNESCO Representative to China attended the ceremony.

Over 100 guests from 24 countries shared insights through in-depth discussions around the theme of “the Functions and Missions of National Museums Along the Silk Road”. The National Museums Consensus is expected to be signed as a deliverable.

On the morning of April 11, “Sharing a Common Future: Exhibition of Treasures from National Museums along the Silk Road” jointly hosted by the National Museum of China and the national museums of 12 countries along the “Belt and Road” opened at the National Museum of China.

A total of 234 pieces (sets) of historical objects were exhibited in two parts: Land Silk Road and Maritime Silk Routes. The exhibits demonstrate the significant history of cultural exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations along the Silk Road. The exhibition will close on July 14.