·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report of the Shang Dynasty Cemetery at Jiuwutou, Shanxi Province

Shanxi Academy of Archaeology 

Yuncheng Cultural Relics Workstation 

Wenxi County Cultural Relics Bureau ------ 006

The “Clan-Town Pattern” and “Workshop Area Mode”of Yin Ruins

Yan Zhibin ------ 056


·Bronze Studies

Jiuwutou Cemetery and “Tian Mian Xian” Bronze Wares

Zhu Fenghan ------ 077

Turquoise-Inlaid Bronzes of the Yinxu Culture: In the Example of the National Museum of China Collection

Zhang Changping ------ 094


·Painting and Calligraphy Studies

Ping Fu Tie and Wu People’s Calligraphy

Ma Shunping ------ 107

New Examination of the Creation Time of Five Southern Song Dynasty Calligraphy Works

Huang Guanghui ------ 116


·Modern Personages Studies

Li Zhaotang and the Negotiation of Sino-Japanese Treaty Revision in 1875

Sun Feng ------ 125

The Case of Yan Huiqing’s Cabinet Formation and the Political Ecology of the Beijing Government in the Republic of China Period

Feng Guolin ------ 137

An Analysis of the Confucianism Conference in 1935 in Japan and Confucian Descendants’ Attendance

Zhang Zikang ------ 149