·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report of Tombs M1 and M8 at Shangguo-Qiujiazhuang Site in Wenxi County, Shanxi Province

Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology

Yuncheng Cultural Relics Conservation Center ------ 006

Excavation Report of Tomb M568 at the Gantang School Construction Site in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province

Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archaeology

Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology of Sanmenxia City ------ 027

Re-study of the Water Supply and Drainage System of Linzi, the Capital of the Qi State

Han Weidong, Zan Jinguo, Yu Yan and Wang Xiaolian ------ 039


·Bronze Studies

Composition Analysis of the Middle Shang Dynasty Bronzes Unearthed in Tengzhou, Shandong Province

Zhang Dongfeng, Dai Quanlong, Zhang Tingting and Zhang Ji ------ 050

A Brief Introduction of the Early Zhou Dynasty Bronzes at Zhuanglixi Site in Tengzhou, Shandong Province 

Tengzhou Museum

Chinese Archaeological Research Center, Peking University

Institute of Excavated Documents and Ancient Civilizations, Peking University "Ancient Characters and Chinese Civilization Inheritance and Development Project" Collaborative Innovation Platform ------ 061


·Numisnatics Studies

Relevant Issues of Coin Minting of Zhongshan State: Based on the Alloy Composition of Hoarded Coins in the Ancient City of Lingshou

Hu Jinhua, Kong Yuqian, Feng Hongmei and Guo Xiaoming ------ 074

Research on the Bronze Coins of Chu State in the Warring States Period Stowed at Anhui Museum and Related Issues

Meng Qian, Chen Huafeng and Li Ning ------ 100


·Modern Personages Studies

Historical Textual Research on Li Shuchang and Yang Shoujing's Borrowing and Copying of Chun Qiu Jing Zhuan Ji Jie Stowed at Fengshan Library of Japan in the Late Qing Dynasty

Ni Xinbing & Zhang Bo ------ 110

The Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Late Qing Dynasty and Health Administration in Modern China: The Historical Contribution of Shanqi

Ji Haopeng ------ 121

Chaos in the Change: An Analysis of Officials' Malingering Phenomenon in Late Qing Dynasty

Cao Lili ------ 133


·Scientific Conservation Studies

Prospects for the Application of Nanomaterials in the Conservation and Restoration of Iron Cultural Relics

Wu Xiaohan, Liang Honggang and Wang Jianping ------ 145

Non-destructive Testing for Iron Artifacts from Nanhai I Shipwreck by Metal Magnetic Memory Technology

Gong Zisang & Hu Gang ------ 153