·Archaeological Studies

An Archaeological Observation on the Boundary between Liao and Sheng Nuzhen

Zhao Limeng ------ 006

Investigation Report on the Gates of Extant Song Fortresses in Sichuan Province

Jiang Xiaochun ------ 019

Yuan Mural Tombs in Qingyuan Street, Zhangqiu, Shandong Province

Jinan Municipal Institute of Archaeology

Zhangqiu District Museum in Jinan ------ 033


·Literature Reservation Studies

Newly Stitched Fragements of Liye Qin Bamboo Slips

He Youzu ------ 045

Anxi and Beiting on the Eve of An-Shi Rebellion: Research on Fodder Documents of Transportation Official in Jiaohe Prefecture in the 13th and 14th Years of Tianbao Period in the Tang Dynasty

Liu Zifan ------ 054

On the Buddhism Management System from Buddhist Relics in the Southern Han Dynasty

Su Yi ------ 066


·Painting and Calligraphy Studies

Version Investigation of Lanting Xu Collected in the “Study with nearly Two Hundred Lanting”: The Research and Spreading of Lanting Xu by Wu Yun

Zhang Yingjie ------ 076

A Study of the Yuan Painter Xia Yong’s Life and Paintings

Yu Leqi ------ 090


·Modern Personages Studies

The Elites and the Role Variation of Laijinyuxuan during the First Half of the 20th Century

Chen Liang ------ 107

The CPC Members and Their Performance in “the Third Department” during the War of Resistance against Japan: A Case Study of the Annual Appraisal of Performance in 1939

Dai Rong & Liao Liming ------ 119

The “Red Production Pioneer”: The Party Members Development in Taiyuan Iron and Steel Works around 1949

Wei Lei ------ 131


·Scientific Conservation Studies

Application of Chemical Methods in Deacidification and Reinforcement of Paper Relics in Recent Ten Years

Han Ying ------ 143