·Archaeological Studies

Re-discussion on the Tomb Occupant of C1M10123 on Luoyang Stadium Road

Zhang Zhenteng ------ 006

A Study on the Cocoon-shaped Pot

Wu Tengsheng & Jing Zhongwei ------ 015


·Bronze Studies

On the Large Ding and the Ding Arrangement System in Chu Tombs

Li Ling ------ 034

Thin-walled Engraved Bronze Ware of Eastern Zhou Dynasty and the Related Issues

Chen Xiaosan ------ 043

The Mechanical Duplication Techniques in the Inscription Casting of Shang and Zhou Bronze: A Study on the Inscriptions on the Chime Bells Excavated from M2 at Heshangling, Xichuan

Sakikawa Takashi ------ 057


·Painting and Calligraphy Studies

A Brief Study of Tang Yansheng’s Life: Based on His Poem Postscripts on Hong Ren’s Paintings

Cheng Guodong ------ 081

Analysis of the Author of the Ink Blossoming Plums in Freer Gallery of Art

He Huibin ------ 094


·Modern Personages Studies

Guo Bingwen, Yang Xingfo and the Transfer of Power in the Education Circle during the Revolution in 1927 

Ju Pengfei & Ding Yi ------ 103

A Study on Ningxia Education Department Director Tong Yaohua’s Corruption Case in 1938 from the Perspective of Central-Local Relations 

Zhang Huan ------ 117

Li Yinglin and the Relocation of Lingnan University during the War of Resistance 

Shen Chang ------ 129


·Scientific Conservation Studies

Study on the Free-Hand Copying Technique of Illegible Parts in the Duplication of Revolutionary Literature

Lyu Xuefei ------ 145