·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report on J13 Water Well of Ancient Lu County in Tongzhou, Beijing

Chen Ping & Sun Meng ------ 006

Both Imperial and Kingly: Rediscussion on the Chime Hanging Ritual of the Tomb of Marquis Haihun of the Western Han Dynasty

Liu Kaiyun & Zhang Wenjie ------ 024

Research on the Hollow Bricks Unearthed from Zhucang Eastern Han Cemetery in Luoyang, Henan

Zhang Hongliang ------ 034

A Study on the Date and Occupant of Tomb M10 of Gol Mod Ⅱ Cemetery in Mongolia

Pan Ling & Zhang Jieyu ------ 051


·Literature Reservation Studies

Communication between Tibet and Licchavi in the Tang Dynasty: Focusing on Chinese Literature and Nepalese Inscriptions

Shen Chen ------ 067

A Study on the Dating and Nature of Dunhuang Document P.2977 FaBao DongLiu YinYuan “DiSanMingTa”

Liu Zhengang ------ 078

New Discovery of the Ming Dynasty Book of Han of Haiyuan Pavilion with Huang Pilie and Yao Yu’s Postscripts

Zhang Zuwei ------ 086


·Modern Personages Studies

National Interest or Personal Pursuit: A Further Discussion on Morrison’s Principle of “Serving China”

Zhang Shu ------ 095

Sun Yat-sen’s Image in English Newspapers during the Revolution of 1911

Zhuang Xin ------ 103

Breaking Through Gender Boundaries: A Study on the Women’s Political Participation Movement in Beijing after May Fourth 

Liu Can ------ 115


·NMC Collection Studies

A Briefing on the Porcelain Salvaged from the Tek Sing Shipwreck and Stowed at the National Museum of China

Peng Xiaoyun ------ 126