·Archaeological Studies

The Warring States Period and Jin Tombs at Dongcheng Village in Pingyao, Shanxi Province

Shanxi Provincial Archaeology Institute

Pingyao Institute of Cultural Relics ------ 006

The Song Tombs in the Western Suburbs of Guyuan

The Institute of Cultrral Relics and Archaeology in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region ------ 015

Research on the Stone Implements unearthed from Lyu Clan Cemetery in Lantian Area

Wu Xia ------ 028

Restoration of the Yuan Imperial Palace Planning from the Perspective of the Archaeology in the Palace Museum

Xu Bin ------ 044


·Ceramics Studies

A Study of the Slab-mold Technique and Related Issues in the Neolithic Age

Jiang Hui ------ 066

Archeological Research on the Upside-down Firing with Support Ring in the Song Dynasty

Yu Luyang & You Jiahao ------ 078

A Brief Study on the Nature of “Official Kiln” in Jingdezhen in the Early Ming Dynasty

Zhu Shanshan & Wei Youming ------ 092


·Epigraph Studies

Research on the Newly Discovered Wang Guang’s Epitaph and Wang Zhao’s Stele

Pan Xiangdong ------ 105

Interpretation of the Sima Rou’s Epigraph in the Southern Song Dynasty

Liu Zheng ------ 117

Research on Bi Xian’s Tombstone of the Yuan Dynasty and Related Issues 

Yang Pengyun ------ 123


·Modern Cultural Relics Studies

Interpretation of “the Notice of Banning Grave Guarder by Hangzhou Prefecture in the Third Year during Tongzhi’s Reign”

Ni Yi ------ 134

Research on the Provenance of the 21cm Krupp Gun and Gruson Carriage in Guangzhou Museum 

Chen Yichuan ------ 144

Research on the Seals of the Northern and Southern Anhui People’s Administrative Office

Feng Chao ------ 152