·Special Topic The 80th Anniversary of the Yan’ an Forum on Literature and Art

The New Direction of Chinese Literary and Artistic Creation: The 80th Anniversary of Mao Zedong’s Speech at the Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art

Chen Chiyu ------ 007

Popularization of Art: The Modernity Significance of Mao Zedong’s Speech at the Yan’an Forum on Literature and Art

Gao Tianmin ------ 017

Wood Engravings on the Textile Theme during the Great Production Campaign in Yan’an

Zheng Yan ------ 029

An Overview of Jiang Feng’s Wood Engravings

Jiang Wen ------ 041

“Being the Standard-bearer of the Times”: Hu Yichuan’s Artistic Thinking and Wood Engraving during the War of Resistance from His Diaries and Manuscripts

Cao Qinghui ------ 051


·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report of SHTR Cemetery in 2018

National Museum of China           

National Museum of Mongolia ------ 071

Excavation Report of the Eastern Han Tomb at Pingle Town, Luoyang

Luoyang Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology           

Luoyang Municipal Administration of Mangshan Cemetery Site ------ 101


·Ceramics Studies

On 85WT264F1 Pottery Group of Wangchenggang Site, Dengfeng

Li Hongfei ------ 114

Quantitative Analysis of Dimensional Standardization of Pottery: A Case Study of dakouzun from Yanshi Shangcheng

Deng Lingling, Cao Huiqi, Tian Miao, Chen Guoliang and Gu Fei ------ 124


·Modern Personages Studies

The Investigation of Female Image Building by Peiping Government in 1930s: A Case Study of Liu Heying

Yang Xuyan ------ 135

A Study of Women’s Social and Economic Historical Materials in the Dali Documents

Xu Fuyangzi ------ 146


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