·Archaeological Studies

A Preliminary Investigation of Agricultural Pattern in the Erlitou Period of Shali River Valley: New Evidence from the Gouli Site of Luohe City

Li Yanjiang, Yang Zhuzi, Deng Zhenhua, Zhang Hai, Li We, Liang Fawei and Cao Yanpeng ------ 006

Preliminary Analysis of the Relationship Between the Lu-Zong Area and the “Jin Dao Xi Hang” in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties

Wang Yanjie, Wei Guofeng and Zhang Aibing ------ 016


·Bronze Studies

Interpretation of Three Pieces of Bronze Inscriptions

Li Ling ------ 030

A Textual Research on the Inscription of “Gong Ji” Ding

Zhang Limin ------ 038


·Painting and Calligraphy Studies

Research on the Transformation of Cao Zhibai’s Painting Style in His Later Life

Hu Yan ------ 044

Biographical Verification of Shi Xi in the Early Years of His Art Career (1649-1654): In the Example of Guo Duxian’s Xie An Shi Chao

Jing Jie ------ 053

The Affinity Between Zhang Zhao and Gao Shiqi Family and the Influence on His Calligraphy

Liang Ji ------ 061


·Modern Cultural Relics Studies

A Study on the Dragon Flags in the Late Qing Dynasty Focused on Documents, Images and Objects

Jiang Ming ------ 072

Pictorial and Metaphorical: The Evolution and Cultural Interpretation of Postal Flags in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China Period

Wang Zhanxi ------ 093

A Study of the Investigation Report A Farming Family in North Manchuria

Wang Guangy & Zhao Qiong ------ 103


·NMC Collection Studies

A Textual Research of the Colophons of Turpan Documents at the National Museum of China

Yi Ru & Zhu Yuqi ------ 116

A Study of the Scripture Writing Collected at the National Museum of China

Meng Yanhong ------ 127

A Study on the Colophons and Circulation of the “Authentic Tang Dynasty Writings” in the National Museum of China Collection

Wang Zhan ------ 134

Interpretation of Three Transport Lane Documents in the National Museum of China's Collection of “Authentic Tang Dynasty Writings”

Zhao Yang ------ 143


·Scientific Conservation Studies

Analysis of the Structure and Manufacturing Craftsmanship of the Traditional Chinese Kuancai Coloured Lacquer Screen

Zhang Liangshuai, Chen Jiachang, Yan Haitao, He Siyu, Shi Lingling and Xie Jinyi ------ 153


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Edited and published by: Editorial office of Journal of National Museum of China


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