·Archaeological Studies

Archaeological Report of the Banyueshan Giant Buddha in Ziyang, Sichuan Province

Lei Yuhua, Bai Lu and Zhao Fan ------ 006

Buddhist Elements in the New Archaeological Discovery in Mongolia: The Spread of Buddhism in Mobei Grassland from the 6th to 8th Century

Xu Chi ------ 020

The Zoroastrian Divinities in Buddhist Cave: The Image of “Goddess With Four Arms” in the Mural of Uyghur Buddhist Temple in the Midst of West Tuyoq

Liu Tao & Xia Lidong ------ 034


·Buddhist Sculpture Studies

A Study on the Origin and Development of the Statue of the Holding-staff Attendant in Sichuan

Ma Wei ------ 048

An Analysis of Image of Early Tang S4426 Buddhist Stele Collected in Columbia University

Wang Delu ------ 061


·Literature Reservation Studies

A Study on the Buddhism Sects in Lingquan Temple at Baoshan during Sui and Tang Dynasties via the Epigraph on Tomb Niches

Gao Ge ------ 072

A Study of the Incomplete Buddhist Sutras Discovered in the Pagoda of Ciyun Temple in Ganzhou

Zhong Fanghua ------ 083


·Modern Personages Studies

A Further Study on Yuxian’s Attitude towards Missionary Affairs and Policies on Boxer Movement

Yi Jimin ------ 101

On the Revolutionary Claim of Hankou Business Communities in the early Republic of China

Shang Shengyang ------ 113

A Review of the Letter for Sun Yat-sen from Chen Jiongming

Li Ruoqing ------122


·NMC Collection Studies

An Analysis of Song Painting The First to Feel the Spring with the Signature of "Ma Lin"

Zhu Wanzhang ------ 132

A Study on the Scroll of Poem to General Pei in Running Hand by Dong Qichang Collected in the National Museum of China

Wang Wenli ------ 149


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