·Archaeological Studies

Excavation Report of the Jin and Tang Tombs at Weizi Road in Luoyang


Luoyang Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, Luoyang Municipal Administration of Mangshan Cemetery Site------ 6

Excavation Report of Tang Tombs in Houzhai Cemetery of Shuozhou


Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology, Shuozhou Municipal Service Center of Cultural Relics Conservation and Utilization, Shuocheng District Cultural Heritage Administration of Shuozhou------ 23

Excavation Report of Song Cliff-tombs in Wangcang County, Sichuan Province


The Relics and Archaeology Institute of Sichuan Province, Cultural Relics Institute of Wangcang County------ 32

Excavation Report of Ming Eunuch’s Tomb in Dianchang Village, Fengtai District, Beijing


Beijing Municipal Institute of Cultural Relics, Culture Committee of Fengtai District------ 50


·Epigraph Studies

The Interpretation of the Inscription Commemorating the Mother of “Ningxi General named Yunzhong King” during the Sixteen States Period

Yang Jianlin & Zhang Haibin------ 61

Taiyuan Original Followers and Siege of Haozhou from Epitaph Unearthed in Fenyang


Ding Jun------ 71

Research on the Yuan Tablet about Rebuilt Quanlin Shengshou Temple Newly Discovered in Sishui, Shandong Province


Pei Yipu------ 81


·Painting and Calligraphy Studies

XiaoYi’s The Envoys with Tribute Bearers and Yan Liben’s Imperial Assembly in Homage to the Emperor: Distinguishing the Inscriptions on the Copies of Extant The Envoys with Tribute Bearers

Li Yun ------ 91

The Owner of the Seal Stamped “封(feng)” on Qian Xuan’s Dwelling in the Fuyu Mountain: A Discussion on the Collection Seals of Geng Jiazuo and Suoetu


Yang Liang ------ 103


·Modern Personages Studies

Mao Zedong’s Mindset and the Relation with Hu Shi during the Period of Debating “Problem and Doctrine”: A Study Centered on the Regulation of the Problem Research Association

Yang Xinbin------ 112

Social Network, Power Relation and County Government Operation in the Early Stage of Nanjing National Government: A Case Study of Zhu Zhisan’s Diary
Xiang Haonan------ 122

The Students, Mission and Party: A Review of Yenching University Student Movement during the War of Liberation
Zhang Deming------ 134


·Scientific Conservation Studies

Progress in the Research of Organic Acids in the Ambient Air of Museum

Wang Qianqian, Tie Fude and Chen Xingcan------ 149


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