On May 29, Wang Chunfa, Director of the National Museum of China, met with the visiting delegation of Lao Pak Sang, Director of the Macau Education and Youth Development Bureau, and the two sides shared a friendly conversation about cultural cooperation.

Wang Chunfa welcomed the visit of the delegation. Lao Pak Sang expressed his gratitude to the NMC for its warm hospitality. He introduced the responsibilities and departments of the Macau Education and Youth Development Bureau. The "Roots of China - A Permanent Exhibition on Youth Patriotic Education Base in Macau" organized by the Education and Youth Development Bureau in cooperation with NMC was well received by all in Macau. The Macau side hopes to extend the exhibition period and cooperate with NMC in organizing special exhibitions.

Wang Chunfa said that it is the duty of the NMC to support the development of patriotic education in Macau and to cultivate young people's sense of family and country. The NMC is willing to support the work of the Macau Education and Youth Development Bureau as always and contribute ideas in curating exhibitions. The NMC is an important platform for collecting, protecting and displaying cultural heritage, public education, research as well as international cultural exchanges. With the advantages of its collection and its independent curatorial capacity, the National Museum of China has launched a series of thematic exhibitions, which are widely acclaimed by the audience and lead the trend of cultural exhibitions in China.

After the meeting, Lao Pak Sang and the delegation visited the exhibitions:” Stand in the East: An Exhibition of Classic Fine Art Works Collected in National Museum of China”,” Ancient Chinese Culture: Costume and Adornment” and “Ancient Chinese Porcelain Art”.