The National Museum of China (NMC) App and the "NMC Guide" WeChat app have received positive feedback from the public since being released in April. Many netizens expressed in their comments that they could "finally" use the official app of the National Museum, reflecting the public's eager anticipation of its release. In response to constructive feedback, technical personnel have made a number of optimizations, improving cell phone compatibility and providing an IOS version, among other upgrades.

At present, the NMC App has five columns: "Home," "Exhibition," "Guide," "Collection" and "My." Visitors can check the latest exhibition information and make reservations before visiting the museum; they can plan their visit through the exhibition recommendations and check the location and listen to explanations of select relics. Information on the location of restrooms, drinking fountains and other services is easily accessible. Online users can also visit the NMC through cloud resources such as "Collection Highlights," "Virtual Exhibitions" and "NMC lectures."

The NMC App will gradually expand to cover more online services such as mapping according to the needs of users, continue to enrich its cloud content and improve its ease of use and interactivity to meet the demands of the public both online and offline.

With the official launch of the NMC App and the NMC Guide WeChat app, the National Museum's multimedia matrix covering its magazine, website, WeChat, screen media and other platforms is officially complete. The internal magazine "National Museum Centre” has become the spiritual home of NMC employees; the official website in English and Chinese publishes comprehensive information; the official Weibo account has gathered 5.05 million followers; the Chinese version of the official NMC WeChat platform has nearly 2 million users; the "National Museum of China" WeChat platform is the only official English language platform among domestic museums. In addition, the "National Exhibition" WeChat platform is constantly releasing information; the "NMC Jun" WeChat platform brings a wealth of information about the National Museum to netizens every day; the NMC pp provides online services for visitors; the electronic screens in the exhibition halls provide more intuitive information for visitors.

In the future, the NMC editors will strive to continuously provide better content and present richer cultural products for audiences in the cloud.