On May 14, Wang Chunfa, Director of the National Museum of China (NMC), met with Siddharth Chatterjee, United Nations Resident Coordinator in China to discuss the cultural cooperation between China and the United Nations (UN).

Wang Chunfa welcomed Chatterjee and his delegation and gave a general introduction of the NMC.Chatterjee thanked Wang Chunfa for his hospitality.He said that China has made remarkable achievements in rural vitalization, poverty alleviation and other areas.On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of China’s resumption of its legitimate seat at the UN, the UN, together with the NMC, is willing to commemorate the milestone and to tell the world of how China has overcome poverty, and to promote poverty eradication for all humankind.

Wang Chunfa said China has long supported multilateralism and the international system built around the UN.While globalization has run up against headwinds, the NMC is ready to cooperate with UN institutions in China.It is our sincere hope that together we can overcome the global epidemic, and organize commemorative activities around the 50th anniversary of China’s resumption of its legitimate seat at the United Nations, so as to better demonstrate the practical experience of lifting China out of poverty and benefit all humankind.

After the meetings, Chatterjee and his delegation visited the permanent exhibition of the NMC, Ancient China.Lou Ya, the UN Partnership and Financing Officer at The United Nations in China, Gao Zhikai, Vice Chairman of the Western Returned Scholars Association (North America branch), and Sun Yu from the Yale Center Beijing attended above events.