"Meeting the ancient people", appreciating folk art and experiencing nostalgia at the airport...Recently, the long corridor of "Cultural China", created jointly by NMC and Beijing Daxing International Airport, saw an update in its content. Such premium NMC exhibitions as “Harmony of Figures and Spirits: Exhibition of Portrait Paintings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties at NMC” and “Nostalgia in Mind: Shandong Folk Art Exhibition” went out of the venues of the museum and are presented at the terminals.

The creation of the long corridor of "Cultural China" is originated from the crossover cooperation between the National Museum of China and Beijing Daxing International Airport at the end of 2019.The premium cultural relics in the collection of NMC like the bronze ware, Buddhist statues, calligraphy and paintings make appearance in the new window of our country through photo exhibition. This measure demonstrates the glamour of Chinese civilization to the whole world while enriching the cultural connotations of the public area at the international airport,extending the function of NMC as China’s “culture lounge”.

The second arrangement of the long corridor of "cultural China" made innovations and expansion in the contents: coexistence of the "ancient" time and "present" time, the "refined" and " folklore". "Harmony of Figures and Spirits: Exhibition of Portrait Paintings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties at NMC" presents the characteristic fine calligraphy and paintings in the collection of NMC, demonstrating the value of the portrait paintings of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in history, literature and aesthetics; "Nostalgia in Mind: Shandong Folk Art Exhibition" showcases the rich material and spiritual wealth the Chinese people have created in traditional rural life, reflecting the daily life of the traditional rural society in Shandong and its values and aesthetic charm.

In addition, the second arrangement of the long corridor of "cultural China" added the link of online interaction. The passengers can enjoy the special H5 of the long corridor of "cultural China" by scanning the QR code with their mobile phones. Touring NMC online through the forms of thematic webpages, virtual exhibition rooms and short videos, so they can appreciate the premium exhibitions, study the history and enjoy the culture while waiting for their flight.

We work to enliven the collection of the museum, the cultural sites distributed on the vast land, and characters written in the ancient books. We aim to let more high-quality contents go out of the venues, go into the sight of the public and go global. The National Museum of China disseminates the contents of premium exhibitions extensively in all forms to disseminate Chinese culture. We continue to tell an increasingly larger audience excellent Chinese stories with rich cultural atmosphere and profound cultural connotations. Our practical actions will satisfy the people’s spiritual demand, enrich their inner world and enhance their spiritual strength.