On November 19, the exhibition Chinese Drawing: Invitational Exhibition of Famous Modern and Contemporary Chinese Artists (First Phase) opens to the public at the National Museum of China(NMC). It is a competitive exhibition jointly organized by the NMC and China Artists Association. Besides, it was another important attempt to advocate a new artistic creation direction which takes the real life as a sample, portrays the times.

This exhibition gathered more than 280 fine sketches created by over 120 modern and contemporary artists. The exhibition is divided into five sections, namely “Digesting Chinese and Western cultures”, “Light into the reality”, “All-embracing and eclectic”, “National connotation” and “Multiple coexistence”, systematically presenting the history of Chinese sketching art over a hundred years. There are not only the classic works of the late art master Xu Beihong, Pan Yuliang, but also the fine sketches of contemporary artists like Dai Ze, Zhan Jianjun, Jin Shangyi. Their works symbolize the stage achievements of China's sketching art since the1920s.

This exhibition aims to help people better understand the development of Chinese sketching and the patriotism of Chinese artists revealed in their artworks. Additionally, visitors will be impressed by the Chinese artists’ creativity in drawing upon the strengths of foreign art, and therefore enhance their national confidence and achieve the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The exhibition is in Galleries S6, S7 and will run till January 30,2021.