A rich culture is the foundation of creation. The ingenious designs of cartoon images reflect the authors' love and good wishes for the NMC. At14:00 PM on October 8, 2020, the seven-day online voting of the NMC's cartoon image contest came to a satisfactory end on the last day of the week-long National Day holiday. The online voting attracted more than 100,000 participants altogether.

Since the announcement of the NMC's cartoon image contest on July 9, museum enthusiasts and designers from all around the country have submitted many designs. The organization committee of the contest received more than 300 entries in a variety of forms ingeniously designed by individuals or teams. According to the requirement, designers applied elements from cultural relics in the NMC in their main image. For example, Eagle-shaped Pottery Ding, Hongshan Jade Dragon, "Houmuwu" Square Cauldron (Ding) and Bronze Rhino-shaped Zun (wine vessel) Inlaid with Gold and Silver Cloud Designs. Taking the "historical textbook" level treasures collected by the NMC as design elements not only highlights the historical, cultural, scientific, and aesthetic value of the NMC's collection, but also reflects the public's recognition of and expectation for the brand image of the NMC. In the design of sub-images, the authors gave play to their imagination. They broke away from tradition to reflect the main responsibilities and tasks of the NMC by "vivifying" cultural relics from different dynasties, regions and categories in the collection of the NMC. They created many amicable and unique cartoon images for the NMC based on their innovative design ideas.

Netizens have left their compliments: "Very cute and dynamic," "The cartoon image complies with the general trend of a technological NMC and a digitized museum."

The top 25 entries selected based on online voting will go through expert review. The final result is to be released to the public at the end of October.