On August 1, the opening ceremony of “Unity is Strength: An Art Exhibition on the Fight Against Covid-19” jointly sponsored by the National Museum of China, China Artists Association and China Calligraphers Association was held at the National Museum of China. This exhibition showcases nearly 200 pieces (sets) of works against the background of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, with art forms covering traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, watercolourpaintings, posters, comic strips, sculptures, calligraphy, seal carvings and handicrafts. These works mainly feature the scenes of treating patients and prevention and control of the epidemic. They also offer a glance at the daily supplies sent to affected areas, the resumption of work and production, and medical assistance offered to other countries. The exhibitionvividly portrays the hardships the Chinese people went through in their battle against the epidemic in a panoramic view and the great spirit displayed in this course.

Wang Chunfa, director of the National Museum of China,Xu Li, secretary of the Party Leadership Group of China Artists Association and resident vice-president in the Association,Su Shishu, president of China Calligraphers Association,Shan Wei, secretary of the Party Committee of the National Museum of China and deputy director,and Luo Pengpeng, representative of the artists participating in the exhibition and president of the Seal Carving School of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, attended the opening ceremony. Liu Wanming, deputy director of the National Museum of China, presided over the opening ceremony. Due to the epidemic prevention and control, only the sponsors, media and a small number of representatives were invited to participate in the opening ceremony.

Xu Li mentioned in his speech made at the opening ceremony that the 96 pieces(sets) works of art were carefully chosen from 75,147 contribution works from across the country through the contribution-soliciting activity named “Unity is Strength in the Fight Against the Epidemic: Artists are Taking Action”. These works portray the spirit of the whole nation united together to weather through the difficulty of the epidemic in an artistic way.

Su Shishuthoughtthat this exhibition carries forward the great spirit shown in the fight against the epidemic in the new era, and it recorded and eulogized China’s strength, spirit and efficiency demonstrated by the CPC and Chinese people in this great struggle.

Towards the end, Wang Chunfa delivered a speech and announced the opening of the exhibition. He sincerely hopedthat the exhibition couldencourage more artists to make an in-depth study of the theme of our times by seizing the pulse of the new era to provide more artworks showcasing the deeds of China and building China’s image; “the purpose is to guide the audience to bear in mind the struggle course of the resistance against the epidemic firmly, pay tribute to the ordinary heroes sticking to their posts, and experience China’s dynamic spirit”, he said.

The exhibition is located in the N3/N4 Exhibition Hall and will run for two months.